Carpet Knife Heavy Duty, Utility Knife 10PCS


utility knife, compact all-in-one design and lightweight, the blades are sharp enough for daily cutting and also suitable for precision cuts. The utility knife heavy duty helps you easily cutting through packages boxes, cartons, papers, plastic, labels stickers and more cutting tasks. Ideal for outdoor, traveling or daily use. Reject the tedious and clutter, retractable utility knife enough to complete most of cutting jobs.

  • ☑Industrial Grade Utility Knife: Built to last, no worry that it may be fragile like normal cheap box cutters.
  • ☑Practical Cutting Tool: Built to last, handy exacto knife, easy for carpet, cardboard, leather, cable cutting.
  • ☑Easy Cutting: Lock back design, converient for retract and put the blade in its safety position, cutting work become more simple.
  • ☑Standard Blade: 18mm(0.7in) wider blade for deep and easy cutting, ideal for daily use.
  • ☑Guaranteed: 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for, we offer a full refund warranty if you experience any issues with our item.
Weight 2.2 kg

Purple, Red

2 reviews for Carpet Knife Heavy Duty, Utility Knife 10PCS

  1. alex

    And that’s high praise coming from me. I could be considered an expert with these things, as I was an insulator for almost a decade, and insulation installers either use those short blades, or long blades, like this one. I preferred the long blades myself. However, in the case of installing insulation on a daily basis and cutting thousands of square feet of fiberglass insulation, I would NOT recommend this blade. Especially if your pay is based on how much square footage you hang. Having to tighten the placement of the blade each time would just become too cumbersome. But for around the house, everyday stuff, I would totally recommend it! It’s simple and easy to use and replace the blades, and no matter how old you are, it will probably outlive you, lol!

  2. alex

    The OOZCC Retractable Utility Knife feels solid in your hand. Machined from stainless steel, it weighs a little over 4oz. There is a small metric ruler machined into one side and a 4 inch ruler machined into the other. The set screw holds the standard sized knife blades securely, both open and closed, and when they get dull, you just break the end off to have a fresh cutting edge.

    I like how the OOZCC Retractable Utility Knife feels in my hand – dependable and not something you will break during regular use. On top of that, the price looks about the same as other quality utility knives.

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